Hello, I'm Jeremy


Self-proclaimed fuller stack engineer with a background in electrical engineering and computer science. I build robots and things that live on the internet, from websites, applications, or anything in between.

My main focus these days is keeping up with the latest artificial intelligence trends and exploring novel ways to apply them. When I am not at computer or solder station you can find me out the gym, practicing Cuong Nhu, hanging out with my cats, or fighting crime.

I maintain this website as my personal notebook and portfolio.

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    Wordle Bot

    A small sample of what can be accomplished via browser automation. Wordle Strategy/algorithm was directly inspired by Grant Sanderson.

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    A Lightweight Deep Recurrent Q-Learning Technique for Autonomous Wildfire Surveillance.

    Paper and poster submitted to IEEE's ICMLA.

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    King of Games Learning Environment

    Main contributor to a fast Atari-style reinforcement learning environment.

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    Web Render of Robot Trajectory

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    Convolutional residual network for hair segmentation.

    Perform an average over hair-pixels to determine hair color and/or recommend based on hair color. Proposed CNN Courtesy of:Alex Levinshtein, Cheng Chang, Edmund Phung,Irina Kezele, Wenzhangzhi Guo, Parham Aarab

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    Mobile Friendly React JS Switch UI Example.